Jordan Gaines

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Jordan Gaines
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February 6-7, 2556[2]





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Dark brown

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Lieutenant Jordan Gaines (service number: 73968-00463-JG)[2] was an Office of Naval Intelligence operative.[1]


Early life[edit]

Jordan Gaines was born on Arcadia in 2533. After the Covenant attack the planet in 2531, her family refused to evacuate the colony, and contributed to the rebuilding efforts. They would eventually become deeply involved in the colonial government. As a child, Gaines was friends with future SPARTAN-IV Tedra Grant.[1]

In mid-2549, Gaines and her father evacuated Arcadia, but her mother and extended family remained trapped on the planet when a Covenant fleet glassed the planet. The pair would soon relocate to a Mars refugee area where her father quickly took up a leadership position. Gaines enlisted in the UNSC Air Force in early 2552, where she was assigned to security forces at Syrtis Major aerospace port. In November 2552, her father was killed on Mars as the High Prophet of Truth's fleet bombarded the Sol system's colonies. Her extensive experience with colonial administration and politics alerted the attention of ONI Section One recruiters and she was transferred to ONI in 2554.[1]

Sedra and death[edit]

On February 7th, 2556, Gaines was present on the Outer Colony of Sedra alongside Lieutenant Commander Jameson Locke and his unit during an ONI operation to investigate terrorist activity on the colony. While Agent Locke and his field team attempted to seize the terrorists in the outskirts of Sedra's capital, Gaines and Mason Hundley monitored the situation in the city. After a Sangheili Zealot terrorist activated a new bioweapon Gaines and Hundley were both subjected to its effects alongside many Sedran civilians. Locke and the other members of the team took them to a Sedran Colonial Guard hospital where they were soon allowed treatment despite Colonel Aiken's initial reluctance.[3] However, she ultimately died of the bioweapon's effects.[2]

Production notes[edit]

Gaines is portrayed in Halo: Nightfall by actress Sarah Armstrong.[4]


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