Mason Hundley

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Mason Hundley
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August 12, 2532[1]





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Political and military information


Office of Naval Intelligence[1]


Lieutenant, junior grade[1]


Lieutenant, Junior Grade Mason Hundley (service number 33867-92654-MH) is an Office of Naval Intelligence operative.[1]


Early life[edit]

Mason Hundley was born on Luna on August 12, 2532. His mother taught at Luna OCS Academy while his father was an excavator pilot. Because of his father's line of work Mason learned to pilot heavy-duty ice farm equipment at a young age. He performed spotting and excavation runs on Luna's Mare Frigoris, or the Cold Sea. Mason's father died when he was thirteen years old in an accident in the Procellarum basin where his skiff ran into severe winds during a retrieval maneuver. His father's death had a major impact on Hundley's life.[1]

He completed secondary school at a UNSC firebase in Borneo, at the same time helping manage security at the Borneo Space Tether. He enlisted in the UNSC Navy immediately after his graduation and served with the UNSC Home Fleet for several years before being recruited by the Office of Naval Intelligence. Some believe this assignment was due to his mother's influence, particularly since it saved him from a likely death in the Battle of Earth in 2552. Serving within ONI's remote tactical strike teams, Hundley participated in a number of field intelligence operations in hostile Outer Colonies that were suspected of associations with the Covenant.[1]


Hundley was deployed on the Outer Colony of Sedra as part of a unit led by Lieutenant Commander Jameson Locke during an ONI operation to investigate terrorist activity on the colony. He accompanied Lieutenant Jordan Gaines in the City of Sedra while Agent Locke and his field team attempted to seize the terrorists in the city outskirts. Locke and his team were unable to prevent their target—a Sangheili Zealot—from entering a crowded mall in the city and activating a new bioweapon. Hundley, Gaines and many Sedran civilians were subjected to the effects of the weapon, which seemingly targeted human DNA at random. They were rushed to a Sedran Colonial Guard hospital in a critical condition; while Colonel Aiken was reluctant to let them in Locke managed to convince him to allow the agents to be treated.[2]

Production notes[edit]

Hundley is portrayed in Halo: Nightfall by actor Shaun Blaney.[3]


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