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Paranoid Marine
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September 21, 2552

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This paranoid Marine was a member of Fire Team Charlie, a Marine squad deployed to secure what was thought to be a Covenant weapons cache.[1]


Prior to being traumatized by the Flood infection of his Marine unit, this Marine was part of a Marine squad composed of Privates Bisenti and Mendoza, and PFC Wallace A. Jenkins and led by Staff Sergeant Avery Johnson.[1] The squad was deployed into a swamp in search of a weapons cache under the control of the Covenant, later revealed to be a Flood containment facility. Once inside the facility, the squad met up with Captain Jacob Keyes, along with Privates Kappus and Riley and ventured further into the facility. After entering a large hall, the squad was ambushed and attacked by a wave of Pod infectors. The Marine escaped the Flood infection by playing dead, though he also witnessed the death of almost his entire squad.[1] Shortly after the ambush, he fled and hid away from the Flood.[1][2]

John-117 encountered the Marine in the facility while in search of Captain Keyes.[1][2] John quickly disarmed the Marine after the Marine, now in a fear-crazed state, fired his M6D pistol at the sight of the Chief. The Spartan tried to comfort the Marine and urged him to return to the surface, but the Marine ignored him and crawled into a fetal position, whimpered, and then fell silent. The Marine then proceeded to shoot himself after John continued his search for Captain Keyes.[3]


  • "Stay back! Stay back, you're not turning me into one of those things!"
  • "I'll blow your brains out! Get away from me!"
  • "Gaaaaahh! Aaaaahh! Don't touch me, you freaks, I won't be like you, I'll die first!"
  • "Find your own hiding place, the monsters are everywhere!"
  • "Play dead! That's what I did... played dead. They took the live ones... Oh, God, I can still hear them!"
  • (sob) "Monsters..."
  • "Ahhhhhh! Ahhhhaaahhh..."
  • "Just leave me alone!"
  • "Sarge? Mendoza? Bisenti? Oh, God... the things took them. Away, away, away, they went away... They're gone! Get it? Gone!"
  • "They won't get me! Oh God... oh God I don't want to be like them, please, please no, please nooo..."


  • There was an idea for the paranoid Marine earlier in the development of the level 343 Guilty Spark. He would have stayed alive initially, but when the player walked a distance away from him, there was supposed to be a loud bang. If the player returned, they would find him dead on the floor. This was revealed by Joseph Staten on the Halo 3 Legendary Edition bonus disc.
  • As an homage to this Marine in Halo: Combat Evolved, the Suicidal Marine in Halo 3's Floodgate campaign level was voiced by the same person, and features similar mannerisms to the original.
  • The Paranoid Marine is an example of an Ambient A.I.
  • For the purposes of campaign scoring in Halo: The Master Chief Collection, the Paranoid Marine is considered neither an enemy nor an ally. If the player kills the marine they will not receive points for killing an enemy, nor will they lose points for killing an ally. In the post-game the marine is listed as an enemy marine killed.
  • At times, the Marine may occasionally be seen without his M6D Magnum, raising his hand to his head as if it were in his hand. Instead, the gun will be holstered on his hip.


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