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September 22nd, 2552





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"Covenant dropship, roll out the welcome mat!"
— Private Bisenti, during the regrouping of Marines on Alpha Halo

Private Bisenti was a UNSC Marine infantryman assigned to the UNSC Pillar of Autumn. He was a member of Fireteam Charlie.


Fall of Reach[edit]

During the Fall of Reach, he was one of the Marines aboard Station Gamma, above Reach. Private Bisenti, along with Staff Sergeant Avery J. Johnson, Private First Class Wallace A. Jenkins, and Private O'Brien, were fighting a group of Jackals when MCPO John-117 and Petty Officer Linda-058 boarded the station to destroy the logs of the prowler UNSC Circumference. Bisenti and his team were evacuated from the station, and flown back to the UNSC Pillar of Autumn. Bisenti's squad was among those to escape the attack on Reach.

Battle of Installation 04[edit]

Bisenti in Halo: Combat Evolved.

Bisenti later landed in the same Bumblebee life pod as Staff Sergeant Johnson did on Installation 04, and was one of the first to see John-117 after the evacuation of the Pillar of Autumn [1][2].

Bisenti then returned to Alpha Base with Fireteam Charlie, and they later traveled to what they thought was a Covenant weapons cache, which was uncovered by a captured Sangheili named 'Qualomee. It turned out that the cache that 'Qualomee mentioned was actually one of the Flood containment facilities. Inside, Bisenti and the squad were soon attacked by Flood Pod infectors.

He is presumed dead either from the Flood's attack or when SPARTAN-117 destabilized the Pillar of Autumn's fusion engine core, causing a detonation that ripped Installation 04 apart.[3]


  • Due to the origins of his last name, Private Bisenti was likely of Italian ancestry.
  • He was voiced by Mike Madeoy in Halo: Combat Evolved'.[4]
  • He is the only Marine in the game with the "high and tight" hairdo in the game, although it is a standard military regulation to have the hair cut either this way or in a "buzz cut". In Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, his haircut is hidden by a bandanna.
  • He is the only Marine that is ever seen holding off a Pod infector, during the ambush by the Flood on the suspected "weapons cache".
  • Bisenti disliked Flip music.

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