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Halo 3 Title Updates

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During 2008, two title updates were released by Bungie for Halo 3.

Title Update 1 (1.1)[edit]

Title Update 1 (also referred to as AutoUpdate 1) was released on February 19, 2008.[1][2]

Title Update 1 patch notes
  • Melee contests have been rebalanced
  • Dying while performing a melee or weapon lunge will no longer accelerate the dead player
  • The Elite Commando shoulder armor variant has been unlocked for all players
  • Improved the “Prefer Good Connection” option
  • Added backend hopper support for DLC custom game variants
  • Fixed a problem with the Theater when a player tried to view a saved film for a DLC map he or she doesn’t own
  • Fixed a UI error in the Theater when a party leader selects a film that is invalid for a party client
  • Fixed a bug that under rare conditions could allow a BXB sequence
  • Fixed a Dirty Disc Error that could occur when loading the same DLC map twice in a row
  • Added a visible version string to the Halo 3 main menu (Version 1.1)

Title Update 2 (1.2)[edit]

Title Update 2 was released on September 23, 2008[3][4] The update was primarily concerned with fixing "under the hood" issues for Bungie and web developers for stat tracking purposes. The changes for players were as follows;[5]

Title Update 1 patch notes


  1. ^ Although made available in game with the September 23 update, Annual was not unlockable until two days later on September 25 - the one-year anniversary of Halo 3's launch.
  2. ^ This is the version seen on the Halo 3: Mythic disc.