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This article is about the Forerunner. For the achievement, see Boundless (achievement).
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c. 1.1 million BCE

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Boundless was a Forerunner scholar who lived over a million years before the Forerunner-Flood war. She was a member of a later-defunct rate known as the Theoreticals.[1]


Over a million years before the emergence of the Flood in the galaxy, Boundless' studies brought into her attention a particular star within the Spider nebula in the Path Kethona galaxy. Though she was soon forbidden from further researching this star by the Warrior rate, she continued her studies throughout her long life in defiance of Warrior orders. Eventually, she was prosecuted - supposedly by the Juridicals - her studies were suppressed, and she was sentenced to enter a Cryptum. The Cryptum turned out to be defective, thought to be sabotaged, and thus she died inside. Her death was discovered a thousand years later when the Cryptum was opened. Her body was discreetly disposed of by a small group of her former students and she eventually faded into obscurity, while the entire Theoretical rate was subsumed into the Builders.[1]

For tens of thousands of years after her death, Haruspis began to discover Boundless' suppressed studies surfacing within the Domain; it appeared as if the Domain itself wanted the information to be found. The Librarian was fascinated by Boundless' story, and in her search for more information on the ancient Theoretical, she came across a hard copy of Boundless' studies, preserved in the collection of a former Theoretical on Keth Sidon, a century before the Didact entered his Cryptum. The Librarian discovered a peculiar correlation between Boundless' discoveries and her own hypothesis that early on in their history, humanity had left their homeworld Erde-Tyrene and moved to set up colonies near the galactic border. In general, her studies appeared to be geared toward the sensitive topic of human and Forerunner origins, and in particular their relation to the Precursors, explaining why those in power wanted to silence her.[1]

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