Alas, Poor Yorick

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Alas, Poor Yorick
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Alas, Poor Yorick is a Halo 3 achievement when the player gets 3 Oddball melee kills in a ranked or social match on a Legendary map.[1]

It is worth 25 Gamerpoints.

Getting oddball melee kills isn't wildly difficult, but it is extremely challenging to find an Oddball match on a Legendary map in Matchmaking.


  1. You can try getting this on either Ghost Town, Avalanche or Blackout. Some people get oddball by searching DLC slayer (which is no longer offered). Try searching ranked team doubles. You can get a couple Oddball games on Blackout (only if every player has the map pack). Just try standing behind a corner or in a Bubble shield and when they come close melee with the oddball.
  2. Although rare, this is most easily achieved when playing 3 Ball, one of the Double EXP Weekend playlists.
  3. This method requires a friend willing to help you. When playing a Free-For-All Oddball game, if your friend obtains the ball, and you need the achievement, you can ask for it, and kill him three times.
  4. Perhaps the best way of getting this achievement nowadays, without relying on 3-ball, is in Rumble Pit. Oddball occurs 11% of the time. Even though the playlist does not require all DLC, players must at least have all the maps in the playlist or else they'll get booted out of the game. All maps are equally likely to occur and 5 out of 19 maps are Legendary or Mythic maps. Therefore, the map and gametype needed for the achievement occurs roughly 2.8947% of the time. Odds are, if you play 35 games in Rumble Pit, you'll have at least 1 shot at this.


  • Yorick was the deceased court jester whose skull was exhumed by a gravedigger in Shakespeare's Hamlet. ("Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio.")
  • In Halo Wars there is also an achievement with a similar name, Alas, Poor Andrew Thomas, when you find the first skull in the game.
  • Some players experience that they need to achieve the three oddball kills in one life in order to get the achievement.
  • There is a level in Marathon: Infinity with the same name.


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