Tank Dropper

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Tank Dropper
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Tank Dropper is a Halo 3 achievement that is gained by getting a kill while in Monitor mode in one of the Mythic Maps. Therefore, this is only possible to achieve in Forge. The most common way to get a kill in Monitor mode is to drop something on an opponent, such as a Fusion Core, or as in the achievement's name, a tank. It is worth 25 Gamerpoints.

It is represented by a Monitor shown next to a dead Human, with three stars in between them.


  1. Start up Forge on Sandbox. Go into monitor mode and spawn any vehicle or object and get an opposing player to stand still below you, and then drop it to splatter them; however, the best option is to spawn a Scorpion Tank, as this covers a much larger surface area, is heavier, and so is the easiest object to get a splatter with.
  2. Another way to do this is to stick a grenade to a person and quickly switch into monitor mode before it explodes.
  3. Yet another way is to sign on a guest on a different team; launch a rocket across a Mythic Map at your guest; and then switch to edit mode, before the rocket lands a kill.
  4. One more way is to hit an enemy with a large swinging object.
  5. Also it is possible to sign on a second player as a guest, get them in a vehicle and sell the vehicle with them in it, thus killing them instantly.

Note: The Killball does NOT count as your kill since it counts as "killed by the guardians."


  • Currently, this is the only Mythic Map Pack multiplayer achievement that can be earned while offline.
  • You do not need to drop a tank to obtain this achievement. Swinging a Radio Antenna around wildly and hitting someone will likely kill them, earning the achievement.
  • One of the smallest things you can kill someone with is the traffic cone, albeit very difficult to align, but hilarious to watch. A video by Rooster Teeth on how to earn this achievement can be found below.
  • A detailed walkthrough by Rooster Teeth
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