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Were you looking for the Halo: Reach multiplayer medal, Pull?

Pull! is a Halo 3 Achievement that is obtained by getting a Shotgun Spree medal on Citadel, one of the Mythic Maps, in either a ranked or a social playlist. It is worth 25 Gamerpoints. The shotgun can be found where there is a ramp going upwards, then you should be able to see a power drain. Take the entrance to the left. On the left side of the ramp there should be a shotgun.

It is represented by a silver four-pointed star with three blue Shotgun shells inside, which is the icon of a Shotgun Spree.

Tips and Tricks[edit]

This achievement can be easily done by following these steps.

  • Stay Hidden - An out and open target can get sniped.
  • Shoot Close - A close up shot can wipe an enemy out.
  • Avoid enemies with Overshields (check if enemy is glowing) - a Shotgun is strong but the shield can be slightly stronger.
  • Don't melee - a beat down/assassination will not count as a shotgun kill.


  • The name of this achievement is most likely a reference to skeet or trap shooting, where clay pigeons are launched into the air when the shooter says "Pull!" The shooter is generally armed with a Shotgun, due to spread shot.

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