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The medal as it appears in Reach.

Pull is a multiplayer medal in Halo: Reach. The medal is awarded for killing a jetpacking opponent. It was revealed post-beta along with several new and updated medals in the 05/28/10 Bungie Weekly update.[1]

Based on pre-release gameplay footage from IGN and GamesRadar, the medal appears to be awarded for killing an opponent that is flying with the jetpack.[2][3]


  • The name of this medal is most likely a reference to skeet or trap shooting, where clay pigeons are launched into the air when the shooter says "Pull!" The shooter is generally armed with a Shotgun, due to spread shot.
  • Although the Pull medal is not awarded in Halo 4, killing three enemies using jet packs on a Majestic map will unlock the Pigs Can Fly achievement.