Mmmm... Brains

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Mmmm... Brains is a multiplayer medal in Halo 3 and Halo: Reach awarded for infecting ten humans in a row as a Zombie without dying in the Infection game variant.

It is represented by a bronze five-pointed star with a human skull on a green background in the center.


  • This medal is considered to be the most difficult to achieve because when a Human dies, they become a zombie, therefore, it can only be obtained in a game with 11 or more players.
  • It is a reference to the classic Zombie, in which zombies can speak, and they usually only clamor for brains, their favorite part of the Human anatomy.
  • This medal can also be obtained legitimately in the Double EXP Weekend Playlist Living Dead to be viewed on, although you can also get this medal by playing an infection custom game with just friends and letting them get the kills.


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