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Cutting crew Medal.png

Cutting Crew[1] is a spree medal in Halo: Reach in Halo: Reach multiplayer, campaign and Firefight. It is awarded for killing fifteen opponents with an Energy Sword without dying.

Assassinations performed with the Sword do not count toward the medal. Pummels performed with a depleted Energy Sword do count toward the medal.

It is represented by a silver six-pointed star with an Energy Sword on a purple background in the middle.


  • Since you need fifteen kills with the Sword and the Sword only holds enough charge to make ten kills before it runs out of battery, the only way to earn this medal in Matchmaking (given that Matchmaking currently does not contain the Swords gametype) would be for the player to make ten kills with a Sword, wait for it to respawn, then make five more kills with it, all without dying, or else attempt to get the remaining five kills with the depleted sword.
  • The name of the medal is a reference to the '80s band of the same name.
  • Assassinations performed with the Energy Sword do not count toward the sword spree medals.

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