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H3 Medal Linktacular.png

Linktacular is a medal which was awarded in Halo 3 and Halo: Reach Multiplayer, for playing in a matchmaking game composed entirely of users; meaning they have registered on by linking their gamertag to the profile. In Halo 3, each linked gamertag is signified by the Seventh Column symbol beside their gamertag in-game, while Halo: Reach players may choose among various nameplates. The image consists of a blue circle with the Seventh Column in the center. The medal does not appear in-game and can only be viewed on

On March 31, 2012 ceased updating Halo game stats and player records, transferring all record-keeping responsibilities to Halo Waypoint.[1] As Linktacular could only be viewed on the site, it is effectively no longer awarded.


  • It would sometimes be hard to earn this medal, as many people were not signed up at, and the player had no control over who was in their matchmaking game.
  • This medal could have been awarded if there were guests in the match, but only if the profile was a guest of the player who was registered with
  • A player was more likely to receive the medal if they were in a playlist with fewer people. In Halo: Reach, players with linked accounts would earn the medal for every game of Score Attack they played; since they were the only player on the game, they were guaranteed to get the medal.
  • You can no longer link your gamertag to your Bungie account to get this medal as the older version of the website was archived on March 31, 2012. You have to have already linked your account to obtain this medal.