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This article is about Halo: Reach medal. For the Halo 4 medal, see Rejection (Halo 4 medal).
The medal as it appears in Halo: Reach.

Rejection is a Halo: Reach multiplayer medal. Depicted as a gold diamond superimposed by a blue shield and brass padlock, the medal is earned by using Armor Lock and surviving a subsequent assault that would have otherwise been fatal, i.e. a plasma mortar launched from a Type-26 Wraith. It was revealed alongside two other medals in Bungie's 07/09/10 weekly update.[1] This medal is referred to as Denied in Halo: The Master Chief Collection as the Halo 4 Rejection medal was already in the game by the time Halo: Reach added to the collection.


  • Ironically enough, if Armor Lock is used to destroy a vehicle you are not awarded a rejection medal. Which is strange considering the only way to destroy a vehicle using Armor Lock is to have a vehicle, going fast enough to splatter you, hit you head on. Meaning if you did not armor lock you would have surely died, and therefore, should properly award you the medal.
    • One theory could be that the splatter was coded in, rather than handled by physics or damage, so it sort of works outside the usual damage, which Bungie didn't realize.
  • Oddly, one can earn this medal in Forge by setting the Damage Resistance to Invulnerable, walking into a Kill Ball, and activating Armor Lock.
  • The medal can be obtained by using armor lock to block the EMP from another player's armor lock.