Dream Crusher

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Dream Crusher is a spree medal awarded in Halo 3: ODST campaign and Firefight mode and Halo: Reach multiplayer, campaign and Firefight. In Halo 3: ODST it is awarded for killing ten opponents in a row with the Gravity Hammer without dying. In Halo: Reach the medal does not require kills to be consecutive, just that the player kill ten enemies with the Gravity Hammer without dying.

Unlike other weapon spree medals, you can use both RT and B to get kills towards this medal, and to ultimately save ammo.

It is represented by a bronze five-pointed star with a Gravity Hammer on a green background in the center.


  • It should be noted that this medal is exceedingly easy to obtain if you can ambush enemies dropping from a Phantom. Of course, you must obtain a Gravity Hammer from a Chieftain first, as they are not readily available throughout the maps of the Firefight mode. It's also relatively easy when the Black Eye skull is activated.