Pigs Can Fly

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Pigs Can Fly
Pigs Can Fly.png
30 Gamerscore icon taken from Originally a single block colour (with the two circles both being white and the 'G' a transparent cutout), but modified by myself to display nicely on dark *and* light themes, and to be reminiscent of the pre-Xbox One gamerscore icon.

Pigs Can Fly is a Halo 4 achievement added with the Majestic Map Pack. It was unlocked when a player, in Majestic DLC matchmaking, killed 3 enemies while they were using Jet Packs.[1]

Following the shutdown of Xbox 360 Halo online services on January 13, 2022, this achievement is no longer attainable.[2][3]


The achievement is named for the adyanton "when pigs fly".