What Power Outage?

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What Power Outage?
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20 Gamerscore icon taken from Originally a single block colour (with the two circles both being white and the 'G' a transparent cutout), but modified by myself to display nicely on dark *and* light themes, and to be reminiscent of the pre-Xbox One gamerscore icon.
What Power Outage?

What Power Outage? is an achievement in Halo 4 and Halo: The Master Chief Collection. It is awarded for completing Chapter 4, Episode 5 of Spartan Ops without losing a generator on Heroic or harder. The achievement is worth 20 Gamerscore in Halo 4[1] and is represented by a high voltage safety symbol. In Halo: The Master Chief Collection, it is worth 10 Gamerscore and is represented by the Spartan Operations insignia over a wreath with 3 stars above on Steam.


What Power Outage? is one of the few Spartan Ops achievements that is actually easier to achieve in local play than in matchmaking. This is because playing local solo or co-op will spawn four Mantises on the map; two at the beginning and two behind the generators. When playing in matchmaking there are instead two LAAG Warthogs and two Gauss Warthogs, which are far more vulnerable, provide less firepower and require far greater teamwork.

The best strategy is to stay near the Generators. Ignore the Phantoms landing far away from the Generator, but, if possible, destroy all the Phantoms that are landing near the Generator before they can drop off infantry. If the player has difficulty when playing alone, consider changing to cooperative play, as two Mantises guarding both generators would be more than sufficient to earn this achievement.