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This article is about the Halo 3 achievement. For articles of the same name, see Reclaimer (disambiguation).
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Reclaimer is a Halo 3 meta-game Achievement. It is unlocked by earning 15,000 points on the level, Halo. This Achievement awards the player 10 Gamerpoints.

It is represented by a blue circle, containing a Spartan with eleven outward-pointing spikes around his head.


On any difficulty, activate the Tough Luck, Catch, Thunderstorm, and Famine Skulls. These skulls have almost almost no effect in making the gameplay more difficult, making this Achievement relatively easy to earn.

  • If the player doesn't earn 15,000 points before reaching Rally Point Alpha, the Warthog's gunner will still have a chance to earn about 4,000 points during the Warthog run, as long as the proper skulls are activated.


  • Reclaimer is a term used to refer to humans as the Forerunner's inheritors. In the level Halo, John-117 fulfills his role as a reclaimer as he activates Installation 08.
  • The Spartan in this Achievement's emblem greatly resembles the Slayer emblem.
  • The circle which is created by the eleven outward pointing spikes looks similar to a Halo around the Spartan's head. It also resembles the Marathon logo.

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