UNSC Spartan

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UNSC Spartan
H3 Achievement UNSC Spartan.png
15 Gamerscore icon taken from Originally a single block colour (with the two circles both being white and the 'G' a transparent cutout), but modified by myself to display nicely on dark *and* light themes, and to be reminiscent of the pre-Xbox One gamerscore icon.

UNSC Spartan is a Halo 3 multiplayer achievement. This achievement was earned when the player earned 12 EXP and earned the rank of H3 Rank Sergeant Icon.svg Sergeant in any one playlist on Xbox Live. The achievement was not awarded by the global ranking, only the individual playlist ranking system. It is represented by a gray plate with an eagle holding a gold thunderbolt on the right side and three gold arrows on the left, which is the Spartan insignia.

Following the shutdown of Xbox 360 Halo online services on January 13, 2022, this achievement is no longer attainable.[1][2]


Unlocking this achievement rewards the player with the following;


  • The insignia representing the Spartan, which is an eagle carrying a thunderbolt and three arrows is identical to that of Zeus, a god in ancient Greek mythology.
  • Above the eagle logo is the symbol used in the game Marathon.
  • Occasionally, if a player skipped enough ranks too quickly, they would bypass the achievements' criteria, and were unable to ever unlock the achievement, even with the help of EXP loss to lower one's ranks.