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Alföld, Reach

Notable structure(s):

Manassas Spaceport


Manassas was a city in the state of Alföld of the Ütközet province on the planet Reach. It was among the three largest cities on Reach, the other two being Ezhtergom and Quezon.[1] Just outside the city were rugged mountains. One of Reach's spaceports, the Manassas Spaceport, was located in the city.[2] Manassas was also home to one of Reach's nine space elevators.[3]


Fall of Reach[edit]

The city was attacked by the Covenant during the final day of the Fall of Reach on August 30, 2552 when a massive contingent of Covenant forces led by the Supreme Commander Thel 'Vadamee and a combined fleet of 315 vessels arrived over Reach.[3] The Covenant assault on the city was led by a flotilla of at least one Ket-pattern battlecruiser and Ceudar-pattern heavy corvette.[3] ODST air assault troopers were deployed to harass Covenant forces in the mountains outside the city.[4] One of the planet's civilian evacuation stations was located in Manassas, but it was apparently destroyed by the Covenant prior to the glassing of the entire globe.[5]

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