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September 19, 2552

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R. Abiad (service number 21590-26374-RA)[1] was a member of the UNSC Navy and part of the command crew on the UNSC Pillar of Autumn.[2]


Operation: RED FLAG[edit]

During the Fall of Reach, the crew of the Pillar of Autumn was kept ignorant of the ensuing battle as so not to compromise their willingness to carry out Operation: RED FLAG. He was Captain Keyes' co-pilot when Keyes took out the Coda to inspect the Autumn. Despite the secrecy of the Covenant's presence, Abiad saw an explosion over Eposz, which he thought might be a fireworks display. He made a mental note to ask Candace, (presumably his spouse), about it when he returned to his condominium in New Alexandria.[1]

Installation 04[edit]

While the Pillar of Autumn was being boarded after arriving at Halo Installation 04, Abiad escaped on lifeboat Kilo Tango Victor 17 with the rest of the command crew: William Lovell, Aki Hikowa, Singh, Wang, and Ellen Dowski, as well as their commanding officer, Captain Jacob Keyes. Also accompanying them were a handful of marines led by Corporal Wilkins.[2]

The group was pursued by Covenant forces, whom they managed to evade for a while. Dowski quickly grew tired of hiding and suggested that the group should surrender. Certain members of the party became incensed by her rants and tied her up, leaving her for the Covenant; the Covenant eventually found and captured Dowski, who informed them of the group's location. After Dowski told the Covenant where the group was going, the Covenant were able to quickly surround the group and force them to surrender. This led to the execution of everyone in the group, save for Keyes: Abiad was shot in the face by a Sangheili Minor.[3]

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