Kilo Tango Victor 17

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Kilo Tango Victor 17, or KTV-17, was a Class-3 Enclosed Heavy Lifeboat attached to the UNSC cruiser Pillar of Autumn in 2552.[1]

Operational history[edit]

KTV-17 was used when the vessel was shot down over Installation 04. It was designated for special use by the Autumn's command crew, and was piloted by Ensign William Lovell. Captain Keyes, Lieutenant Hikowa, Ensign Dowski, Corporal Wilkins, Singh, Wang, Abiad and three other Marines rode down to the surface of the Halo aboard KTV-17.[2] A concealed Isna 'Nosolee tried to sneak aboard, but was detected and shot by Captain Keyes.[1]

When they landed, the crew tied up Dowski as she was aggravating all of them, and the Covenant later found her.[3] When she led them to the crew of Kilo Tango Victor 17, all the crew, save for Keyes, were killed by a Sangheili officer.[3] The life pod itself was abandoned on the surface of the ring world.

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