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I play Halo since when i was 7. It's my favourite videogame saga.

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The Hunger Games LOTR Iron Man The Hangover Halo CEA-2-3-4-ODST-Wars-Reach-SA-SS-MCC Assassin's Creed CoD Destiny Ghost Recon

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Halo 3 - The Covenant: when the Scarabs drop from the sky and you have to destroy them.

Worst Halo moment

When Cortana dies.

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As Braidenvl has pointed out to you before, there is no source for ships other than Strident-class frigates having shields. I know it's possible — even probable — that other ships have them, but the point is that Halopedia isn't your personal speculation forum. If we added everything that is merely "probable", not proven, we'd quickly lose our reputation as a reliable source of canon info. And the presence of shields on the UNSC's state-of-the-art flagship and its escorts isn't very strong proof of all Navy ships having them. As for your edit on the energy shielding page, as I said in the edit summary, the shielding on post-war UNSC ships was already covered in an above section.


Again, there is no official source for all UNSC frigates having shields. Only Infinity's Strident-class escorts are known to have them. It's true that Marine armor is pretty resilient but the exact number of hits it can take is just part of gameplay. The books often show Marines getting killed attacks that wouldn't be very dangerous in the games (such as a single plasma bolt to the armored chest) yet surviving wounds that would kill them in gameplay.


The information you added was based on gameplay conceits. It was completely irrelevant to the article, which is written from an in-universe perspective. Check your talk page.