UNSC Pony Express

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UNSC Pony Express
Production information


Mako-class corvette[1]

Service information

Participated battles:

Battle for Earth[2]


UNSC Navy[2]


The UNSC Pony Express is a Mako-class corvette[1] that is described as both a UNSC corvette[3] and a Prowler.[4]

Service history[edit]

Battle of Earth[edit]

On November 3rd, 2552 during the Battle for Earth, the Pony Express was at or near Earth. After receiving a message from Dr. Halsey, Lord Hood planned on sending the SPARTAN-IIs to Onyx aboard the Pony Express, but they opted to instead capture a Covenant destroyer, the Bloodied Spirit, which they considered faster than the Pony Express.[2]


The Pony Express is a reference to the old mail system where riders would take fast horses from checkpoint to checkpoint, picking up mail and getting a new horse at each one. It lasted from April 1860 to October 1861, only slightly more than a year, but it made a major impact.

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