Class-L flash-dock

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The Pillar of Autumn after executing a Class-L flash dock.

" Class-L flash-docks are basic math for a corvette or a frigate, but for a cruiser like Autumn, well, let’s be real, it’d be like flying a brick with bottle rockets."
Gail Purdy[1]

A Class-L flash-dock is a type of maneuver used for the purpose of docking human spacecraft on a planetary surface when speed is of the essence. It is typically performed by small spacecraft such as corvettes and frigates[1], and is a restricted maneuver for ships on the scale of a Halcyon-class light cruiser.[2]


During the Fall of Reach in 2552, the UNSC Pillar of Autumn was fitted with R7 thrust couplings so it could perform a flash-dock, successfully berthing at the Asźod ship breaking yards, despite the danger and difficulty of landing a ship of that size, in order to receive a critical asset for Operation: RED FLAG before returning to space.[3]

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