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UNSC Persian Gate[1]
Production information


Reyes-McLees Shipyards[2]


Halcyon-class light cruiser[1]



1,171 meters (3,841.86 ft)[3]


352 meters (1,154.86 ft)[3]


Mark II Hanley-Messer DFR[2]

Slipspace drive:



Titanium-A armor[2]


Service information

Participated battles:

Battle of Alpha Corvi II

Noteworthy crewmembers:


UNSC Navy[1]


UNSC Persian Gate was a Halcyon-class light cruiser in service with the UNSC Navy.[1]

Operational history[edit]

The Persian Gate rendezvoused with the UNSC Commonwealth near Chi Ceti IV in late November of 2525.[1] A complement of Spartan-IIs were transferred to the Persian Gate, along with Dr. Catherine Halsey. It held orbit over the planet while a funeral service for the recently-deceased Sam-034 was held and then entered slipspace. Two days later, on December 3, Lieutenant Commander Yao briefed the four Spartans selected for Blue Team on the ongoing attack of Alpha Corvi II by the Covenant and their mission to provide its defenders with relief.[1]

During the battle in orbit, the Persian Gate fought a desperate defense against the Covenant, and suffered only moderate damage even as the rest of the armada was quickly falling to the enemy. The Persian Gate continued to monitor the situation on the surface even as the battle in space was quickly written off as a lost cause, and so Commander Yao immediately initiated evacuation for the UNSC forces below with the intent to abandon the Alpha Corvi system once this effort had been completed.

Upon the mission's completion, Persian Gate moved in with the rest of the UNSC fleet to retrieve Blue Team, deploying Pelican dropship Tango 807 to the surface while the remaining UNSC warships fought a holding action against the advancing Covenant. Tango 807 retrieved the Spartans, returning to the Persian Gate but abandoning the surviving URF fighters against John-117's protests. The Persian Gate then fled into slipspace as the Covenant opened fire on the UNSC fleet.


The Battle of the Persian Gate was a military engagement between Persia and the invading forces of Alexander the Great in 330 BCE at the mountain pass known as the Persian Gates.

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