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About me

I'm a huge Halo Universe geekfreak. I've play (and beaten) every Halo game, and I have read nearly all of the novels. Therefore, I tend to know what I'm talking about when it comes to Halo. My expertise lends itself specifically towards Contact Harvest and associated events and characters as that is the one Halo novel I own (and the articles are/were extremely poorly written; I own all the games but those articles see far more traffic than, say, Mack, the agricultural oversight AI from Contact Harvest). I am most proud to have discovered the untruth of the Kig-yar Zealot. I will be working on more related articles when I get around to them.

Hobbies & interests

Avatar (duh); Wall-e (also duh) NCIS; White Collar; Burn Notice; NCIS: Los Angeles; The Event; Stargate SG-1; Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood; InuYasha; Family Guy; American Dad; Wipeout Alternative Rock; Three Days Grace; Nickelback; Skillet; Avenged Sevenfold Disturbed Halestorm; Flyleaf; Paramore; Evanescence; Blue Stahli; Lonely Island; Red Hot Chili Peppers Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith; Contact Harvest; Ghosts of Onyx

What do you think?   Good ole H-two-Oh.
Favorite Halo moment

The Frankie Classic: Stepping out onto Delta Halo and running around in a Warthog. Still gets me every time, right here. *thumps chest*

Third-person cinematic assassinations. Best. Idea. EVER. I love them, and actively hunt them. Without a doubt I have given more assassinations than I have been the victim of. I've even Showstopped people when I am the victim of the assassination.

My first Halo: Reach campaign marathon runthrough. Just an adrenline-pumped 6-hour spree of campaign. Straight-up epic.

Getting AMTAYS. It was a bitch, but I can now boast with the best of them. Heh. Considering I couldn't beat the first level of Halo 3 solo-Legendary, I though I'd never get it, but I apparently skilled up a bit in that regard. XD

Multiteam Oddball on Countdown? I think YES.

Multiflag on Tempest? Time for epic teamwork skills to make it a three-minute victory, pl0x!

Custom gaming. Never gets old, honestly.

Beating the Prophet of Regret into a paste in Halo 2 also never gets old.

Killing Brutes? My way of telling the universe that alien bear-ape hybrids all need to die. Because they suck. And my Needle Rifle will pwn them. XD

Worst Halo moment

Flood. *shudder* From the moment I met them, I hated them. This hatred was immediately cemented in the Library. The only thing cool about the Flood is the Gravemind. But otherwise, no.

I despise people who abuse Armor Lock in Reach. You're a -blam!-ing noob and you know it.

Also, Yoink-ers in Team games. First of all, it shouldn't be possible to Yoink in a Team game. I worked hard to sneak/rush up on and into melee range of my victim; it's completely wrong of someone to steal that from me.

Breakpoint=vehicle/power-weapon whoring, and I don't roll like that. Soooo no.

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