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Alpha Corvi II


Jamshid is the largest city on the human colony of Alpha Corvi II.


On December 3, 2525, the Covenant arrived at the planet and attacked the city. SPARTAN-II Blue Team was initially slated to be dispatched to the outskirts of Jamshid to aid in repelling Covenant forces while the UNSC prepared a counterattack. However, when a separate Covenant group broke away from the main force, Blue Team was then redirected to Black Reef, a nearby mining settlement which had no UNSC garrison.[1] As the battle waged on, Marine forces at the city's main UNSC garrison were unable to mount an effective counteroffensive and suffered close to a thirty percent casualty rate.[2] With no options remaining, Lieutenant Commander Yao of the UNSC Persian Gate ordered the evacuation of all surviving Marine forces, and Jamshid's garrison was forced to abandon the city as Pelican dropships arrived to extract them. The city was presumably glassed along with the rest of Alpha Corvi II when the UNSC's defensive lines finally collapsed.


The city is named after Jamshid, the mythical hero-king of Persia.

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