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Oebrin 'Chava
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Oebrin 'Chava is a Sangheili weaponsmith, formerly serving the Covenant and now the Swords of Sanghelios alongside his brother, Silset 'Chava and sister, Mahkee 'Chava.[1][2]


Growing up, Silset and Oebrin ‘Chava had always shown a keen talent for optimizing instruments of war. They served as weaponsmiths for the Sangheili of the Covenant. The two optimized Covenant weapons for Sangheili use either on the battlefield or on hunting preserves, sometimes drawing the ire of any San'Shyuum that learned of the brothers' unsanctioned modifications, secretly giving both Sangheili suppressed satisfaction. At some point, Oebrin accepted a position at Sanghelios' Iruiru Armory, where he helped drive lethal advancements in the Covenant's Vostu-pattern carbine and particle beam rifle platforms.[1]

When the Great Schism began, both Oebrin and Silset 'Chava found themselves united under Thel 'Vadam's Swords of Sanghelios, having always wanted for the Sangheili to break free of the Covenant. As weaponsmiths of the Swords of Sanghelios, both brothers intended to use their mastery of weaponsmithing to new, more honorable ends. Together, the two modified a Mosa-pattern carbine to take on the "role and the soul" of Suban and adapted key attributes of the Gadulo-pattern needle rifle. The result was the "Blood of Suban", a carbine that fired Subanese blamite.[1]

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