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AV-49 Wasp
The Wasp in Halo Infinite
Production information


Misriah Armory



Technical specifications


7.62 meters (25 ft)[3]


6.4008 meters (21 ft)[3]


2.225 meters (7.3 ft)[3]


1,360.7 kilograms (3,000 lb)[3]

Maximum speed:

500 kilometers per hour (310 mph)[3]


Light armor[2]


  • Twin 7.62mm heavy machine gun[3]
  • Twin 50mm missile launchers[3]


1 pilot[3]


Year introduced:


In service:

Post-Covenant War conflicts


  • Gunship escort for troop transports[3]
  • Close air support[2][3]


United Nations Space Command[2]


"The AV-49 Wasp supplements existing stocks of AV-14 and AV-22 aircraft in Marine service. Close air support VTOL armed with heavy machine guns and twin rocket launchers."
— REQ card description[4]

The AV-49 Wasp is a VTOL aircraft in service with the United Nations Space Command[1] , with specialised variants employed by the Office of Naval Intelligence.


Considered fast to produce and easy to maintain and optimise,[5] the AV-49 shares several similarities with its fellow aerodynes, the AV-14 Hornet, AV-19 SkyHawk, AV-22 Sparrowhawk, and AV-30 Kestrel.[6] The aircraft features an integrated VTOL propulsion system that combines dual lift ducted fan engines pioneered by the AV-30, with air-cooled vectored-thrust fusion thrusters for forward movement. The AV-49 also features twin 7.62 heavy machine guns and twin 50mm missile launchers[3], energy shielding, and cyberlink-compatible fly-by-light avionics.[6]

Designed for expeditionary usage, the Wasp can be easily prepped and deployed with minimal tools, and their hardened storage containers have identical dimensions to NAVLOGCOM-standard flat containers, simplifying interstellar transport logistics.[7][3]

The Wasp was developed alongside the STINGER-class Mjolnir, which has two neural interface controllers to allow the operator to switch from flight to ground combat modes at the speed of thought.[1]


The Wasp augments existing stocks of AV-14 and AV-22 aircraft in Marine service.[7][4] UNSC doctrine sees the Wasp employed as a gunship escort for troop transports or on-call close air support for special forces teams.[3] The Office of Naval Intelligence employs their own variant of Wasp, using it for night sorties and stealth surveillance missions.[8]

Operational history[edit]

Although in use by 2553, the Wasp was still undergoing field trials with the UNSC as of 2558. By this time, the Spartan Operations branch was asked to assess its tactical utility for their specific needs, with SPARTANs able to test the vehicle in War Games simulations or review protypes manufactured aboard UNSC Infinity in Hangar A-6. Due to their ease of assembly, Sarah Palmer recommended that all SPARTANs aboard Infinity become familiar with this process.[3]

By the time of the Installation 07 conflict in 2560, the Wasp was still in use by the UNSC. However, the models deployed on Installation 07 lacked the energy shielding present in earlier iterations.[9]


Production notes[edit]

A vehicle called the Wasp was cut from Halo 4 early in development.[11] Whether it had any relation to the AV-49 Wasp is unclear. The Wasp vehicle was first teased in a Canon Fodder article on Halo Waypoint, listed as the AV-49 [DATA CORRUPTION! REBUILD IN PROGRESS . . .] alongside several other UNSC aerodynes.[6] It was later formally revealed to be included in the Warzone Firefight update.[7] The AV-49 Wasp was designed by Darren Bacon, David Heidhoff, and Nicolas Bouvier circa 2015.[12]


  • Like the Hornet, the Wasp's numerical designation is a derivative of 7 (7x7, or 7 squared, is 49).
  • The cockpit features a handle that rests between the legs of the operator, nearly identical to the ejection seat trigger handles of many modern aircraft.
  • The Wasp's model in Halo 5: Guardians features a decal bearing the label of the MK71 emergency food preparation station.
  • The Wasp bears a striking resemblance in design to the cut Kestrel from Halo 2. Whether this was intentional or not is unknown.


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