AV-49 Wasp/Gameplay

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  • Unlike other vehicles in the game, the Wasp cannot be found in the campaign.
  • The Wasp behaves similarly to the Hornet in terms of gameplay mechanics, except that it is entirely a single seater aircraft.
  • In comparison to the Banshee and Phaeton, the Wasp is very fragile, easily falling to two hits from a (SPNKr) Rocket Launcher. Its energy shields are also weaker.
    • For this reason, it is usually a poor choice to engage Legendary or Mythic Warzone bosses in the Wasp (except if it's the Hannibal variant), as their attacks and weaponry can blow it out of the sky quickly before you can even reduce their health or shields.
  • Do not engage Warthogs with the Wasp unless you have a range advantage, the element of surprise, or teammates providing sufficient supporting fire. The Warthog's turret can easily rip an overzealous Wasp to shreds, although the gunner is exposed on all sides. However, attacking a Wraith while in a Wasp is recommended (except if it's the Anti-Air variant), as the Wraith's arcing shots make it difficult to line up with a flying target and score a hit. Wraith mortars rarely hit a Wasp, but if there is someone on the Wraith's secondary turret, try to fight and fall back if your shields get low, as it can rip up a Wasp like a Warthog's turret if you are not careful.
  • If ever you see an enemy Wasp and you don't have a Spartan Laser or Heartseeker, try using a Plasma Pistol, as it can easily disable the Wasp. Unlike in Halo 3, the Plasma Pistol can have its range increased with Smart-Link activated; regardless, use caution so the Wasp's pilot fails to notice you, and then shoot the Wasp with the plasma-charged bolts and wait until it reaches the ground, then destroy it with explosives, or wait until the effect of the Plasma Pistol passes to steal the Wasp.
  • Surprisingly, despite the Wasp having dual autocannons, the Warthog's LAAG and Phaeton's weaponry still outmatch them.
  • The Wasp's side engines in its wings are its weak points. If shot there, it takes even more damage.
  • Two additional Wasp variants exist:
    • ONI Wasp: an upgraded Wasp with heavier armor and upgraded weapons, including all-environment missiles capable of seeking out ground vehicles and explosive autocannon rounds. This variant is ideal as a substitute for the Ultra Banshee and/or Phaeton if the player lacks both of them.
    • Hannibal Wasp: a heavily upgraded Wasp with more speed and evasiveness than the ONI variant, as well as upgraded weapons. The Hannibal Wasp is useful for taking out large targets both in the sky and on land, as well as aggressive engagements on ground forces.