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Halo: Reach Demo

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The Halo: Reach Demo is a sample game of the post-release version of Halo: Reach. It was released on May 24, 2011.[1]


The demo contains the first half of the campaign level Long Night of Solace, cutting off before the assault on the Covenant Corvette.

The campaign features Easy, Normal and Heroic and Legendary difficulties.


The demo also contains the ability to play online with other players of the demo. There are two playlists available: Multiplayer and Firefight.

  • Multiplayer: Multiplayer is played on the map Powerhouse.
  • Firefight: Firefight is played on the map Overlook.


In the campaign portion of this demo, the BOB that would usually spawn during the assault on the ground facility vanishes the exact moment it leaves the drop pod it arrives in, while in the full release it will not vanish the exact moment it leaves the pod.[2]