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Strike One
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United Nations Space Command[1]


UNSC Marine Corps[1]


Strike unit[1]


8 Marines[1]


Second Ark Conflict[1]


Strike One was a UNSC Marine Corps unit attached to the UNSC Spirit of Fire.


Following the UNSC Spirit of Fire's arrival at Installation 00[1] in March 28, 2559,[2] Strike One was tasked with halting the salvage operation managed by Banished War Chief Decimus. After being inserted alongside Spartan-II Jerome-092 on the surface of the Forerunner installation, Strike One fought through Banished forces and managed to destroy a portion of the Jiralhanae's operation before establishing a forward operating base. After setting up the base, Strike One was bombarded from orbit by the Banished's CAS-class assault carrier, Enduring Conviction, but suffered minimal damage. The unit proceeded to push north towards the rest of the salvage operation where they encountered Decimus, who was eventually forced to retreat.

After the Brute escaped through a teleporter, the UNSC forces were bombarded once again by the assault carrier, but suffered minimal damage while the remaining Banished forces were killed by their own bombardment. Searching the ruins of the Banished base, Strike One found information pointing to the Ark's Cartographer as the location of a major Banished operation.[1]

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