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24th century

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2310 was a year in the 2310s in the 24th century.



  • The Unified Earth Government unveils the first in a line of colony ships;[1] given conditions on Earth are deteriorating in the face of overpopulation, hitching a ride out to a colony becomes a highly attractive option. Additionally, the Earth government plans to attach military personnel to each colony, to help better utilize the massive (and expensive) standing fleets. Because FTL travel is still fairly new and expensive, colonists and military personnel face a stringent regimen of physical and mental testing. In theory, only the best-qualified citizens and soldiers are allowed to colonize "nearby" worlds. This is the birth of the Inner Colonies; typically, the Inner Colonials are considered the most elite, best, and brightest.[2][3]
  • The Colonial Administration Authority and the Colonial Military Authority are established as the administrative and military bodies for Earth's colonies, respectively.[4]
  • The Committee of Minds for Security holds a session, discussing the likelihood of hostile extrasolar civilizations and the modeling of first-contact scenarios to deal with such threats.[5]
  • The Lekgolo Elo Kadu Baqzo and Ndo Kadu Baqzo are born on Rantu.[6]