Fort Jordan (location)

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Fort Jordan
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Installation 00


Forward operating base


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Controlled by:

United Nations Space Command


Fort Jordan is a military base set up by stranded forces of the UNSC Spirit of Fire following the ship's arrival at Installation 00. The base was located on a strategic island on the surface of the Ark, near the wreckage of a Covenant vessel destroyed during the Battle of Installation 00. UNSC forces were deployed to the island to salvage the wreckage for any technology that may be useful to the Spirit's engineers, though Banished forces led by Jiralhanae Warlord Ristyx soon followed.The Banished initially destroyed the fort's long-range comms, but were dragged into a war of attrition by the base's defenders due to Ristyx's unwillingness to call for reinforcements. As both sides continued to fight, a final clash was inevitable, though the victor is unknown.[1]



Fort Jordan is the in-universe setting for the map of the same name, a remake of the map Fort Deen from the first Halo Wars.


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