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G. R. Scott
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G. R. Scott is a Private in the UNSC Marine Corps. They served as a sniper during the Second Ark Conflict.[1]


During the Second Ark Conflict in 2559, Scott and their team were assigned to scout an area of Installation 00 with several Power Nodes. The group were stalked by four Sangheili Rangers, until they eventually split up and the group were picked off one-by-one. The Elites didn't spot Scott, who had six bullets remaining for their rifle. Scott's Pelican pickup was yet to arrive for an hour, though the sniper was able to track the Elites thanks to the light reflecting off their Covenant Carbines.[1]

Scott reprogrammed their spotter drone to patrol three areas to draw enemy fire, while Scott engaged their active camouflage and set off in the other direction, finding and jumping into a teleporter. Scott appeared on a platform above the elites and fired a shot, jumping back through the teleporter before the aliens could figure out their location. The elites took cover from where the shot had come from, though Scott was now behind them thanks to the teleporter, and took another ranger out before ducking back into cover. By this time, the drone reached the final point in its patrol, distracting the remaining rangers and allowing Scott to finally eliminate the final two enemies. Scott proceeded to collect their team's dog tags, and later wrote a report on the incident.[1]

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