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The Spirit is a UNSC Press Corp newspaper distributed aboard the UNSC Spirit of Fire.[1]


Issue breakdown[edit]

The Spirit paper goes over events on the Spirit of Fire. There is "The Captains Chair" segment where the captain says a few words. It also has a "Meet the Crew" section where it goes over a certain crew member per issue.[1]


Post-February 4, 2531 issue[edit]

An issue of the Spirit taking place after February 4, 2531 contained several details about the status on the ship with "Repairs underway". The "Meet the Crew" section also focused on Doctor Andrew Sandmoore. It also included a movie schedule where on May 24 "Lost Colony 3" was due to play, on May 25 "UNSC News Programming" was due, and on May 26 "Desperate Planet 2" was due to play.[1]

Professor Ellen Anders had this copy open in the Spirit of Fires observatory prior to her suggesting the Spirit of Fire goes to Arcadia.[1]

Production notes[edit]

The Spirit paper was hard to read in the original Halo Wars, and was properly released by writer Graeme Devine in April 2016.[2]

The copy of The Spirit in Halo Wars is dated July 23, 2526, however, this cannot be the case as the issue mentions casualties from the UNSC Prophecy. The Spirit of Fire arrived at the Prophecy on February 4th, 2531, meaning at earliest this issue could have been made was February 4th, 2531. According to Graeme Devine, this is probably a remnant of an earlier version of the story.[3]

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