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Andrew Sandmoore
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Doctor Andrew Sandmoore is a fitness and nutrition expert aboard UNSC Spirit of Fire.[1]


Early life[edit]

Sandmoore received his degree in nutrition and fitness in 2459 from the New Cairo School of Advanced Medicine.[1] At some point in his life he oversaw the advanced UNSC Youth Training program on Reach.[1]

UNSC Spirit of Fire[edit]

Around 2531, he was recently put onboard the Spirit of Fire, and helped look after crew from both the Spirit of Fire and UNSC Prophecy. This was later put into a issue of "The Spirit" paper.[1]

Personality and trails[edit]

Likes and dislikes[edit]

Andrew Sandmoore was known to enjoy outdoor climbing, and opera.[1]



According to the Spirit of Fire Archives blog posts by Graeme Devine, the character Lulu Hershey got annoyed at the Spirit paper for discussing Sandmoore, as she viewed him as a "fat chain smoking guy" who broke down and left during the attack on the UNSC Prophecy, leaving the other medical staff as they worked hard to make the dead on arrival Prophecy crew as comfortable as they could during their last days, while he likely found a bottle of whiskey to keep him company.[2]

According to the lead writer Graeme Devine, Sandmoore originally had a bigger role with the Prophecy encounter where he and John Forge started on "opposite sides of the table" but ending up close friends.[3]

Production notes[edit]

In an early version of Halo Wars, Andrew Sandmoore was modeled at Ensemble Studios when everything in the game was going to be in real-time. [4] In this version, Sandmoore originally had a bigger role with the Prophecy encounter with John Forge.[3]

According to Graeme most of the models were all placeholder and none of the real time scenes were ever made, with only the models ever being made. By then the team moved onto Blur Studios,[5] and Sandmoore was out the script.[4] Early concept art for Sandmoore bears an uncanny resemblance to Ian McDiarmid, the actor best known for portraying Emperor Palpatine in the Star Wars film series.


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