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Lulu Hershey
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Lulu Hershey is a nurse on-board the UNSC Spirit of Fire.[1]


When Lulu was at school, she had a school tour at a planetary weather center, where she saw her first AI, one that had more "function over personality".[1]

At some point after January 7, 2530, Lulu had the night shift in the medical bay of the Spirit of Fire, where she played holo-sudoko, and had "girly" discussions with the ship's AI Serina.[1] Following the Battle of Trove, Captain Cutter assured her that the ship's crew would return home and that she would see her fiancé again.[2]

Non-canon biography[edit]

In a non-canonical series of Halo Wars ancillary fiction written by the game's lead writer Graeme Devine, Hershey's fiancé is identified as David, whose marriage proposal she initially rejected.[3][4]

Her medical supervisor was Kay. She was assigned to him before she joined the crew of the Spirit of Fire.[4] She had served in the Chelsea Trauma Center for two years and in an AirCare Ambulance for another year.[5]

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