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Rodney s Holbrook


Silent Hill


March 25, 2011

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Hobbies & interests

Twin peaks fire walk with me Twin peaks Halo, resident evil, and silent hill books I love horror games and eny other games that you can kill some thing with no murcey but not war games cause theres allways someone makeing a big deal about them but i started likeing halo for its Christianity references and all the other religish references does comics count if so all the Halo resident evil Fear and silent hill comics water, juice and Coca-Cola

Favorite Halo moment

Beating ALL halo games on legendary

Worst Halo moment

going threw all the Halo books befor Reach came out only to get most of them reissued with new stuff added

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One page believes it to be deleted material not appearing anywhere else (thus likely non-canon). The other page accepts to some extent that he was made up for the sale of a theme.