111 Tauri system

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111 Tauri
Location overview



Distance from Sol:

47.8 light years

Stellar overview

Spectral type:

F8 V

Absolute magnitude:


Orbiting planets:

At least 1

Societal overview



111 Tauri system is a planetary system around the star 111 Tauri, a star within the Taurus constellation, and is approximately 47.8 light years from Sol.[1]


It is, or at least has been, the site of a human colony world, Victoria.[2] In 2531, there were major rebel activities in the system, notably at Camp New Hope.[3] It is unclear if it is currently under UNSC control, or if it has been overthrown by rebel actions, or destroyed by Covenant activity.

Due to intense engagements with the Covenant, certain sectors in this system were depleted of UNSC munitions. This prompted the Insurrectionists to begin trading munitions with the UNSC in exchange for experienced medics to treat rebels affected by Boren's Syndrome.[2] There were also rumors of rebels trading nuclear weapons in the system.[4]

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