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Basic information
Real name

Berend de Groot


Zuidlaren, Netherlands


Zuidlaren, Netherlands


i'm still a student, first class of couse!

Places I've lived

Installation 04B


Atheneum Lyceum at the Netherlands.

About me

I'm a new person here, yeah. Definately i am. And I'm trying to understand everything in the universe, and from the Englisch language

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"all right"
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"and maybe Bungie is putting references in the game!"
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"I believe Bungie IS the franchise... or at least it was. But I also be..."
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Halo tidbits
Favorite Halo moment

The moment I first archieved a perfection medal in Halo Reach, I was just jumping though the howl room, eventually my mother come upstairs and told me to calm down. But really, the feeling was awesome.

Worst Halo moment

The moment my brothers put their copy of Combat Evolded in our xbox, and I wasn't allowed to look to the fight 'till I was old enough...

And the very moment Jorge self-sacrifise himself in slipspace, and moments later a howl new fleet apperead...

Anything else

I don't care if it's God's own Son-of-a-bitch-machine, or a giant hola hupe, we aren't going to let 'em have it!

Johnson about Halo

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The only relation it has to the company is that the game uses Bungie Aerospace publishing tools, the game itself was developed by an independent developer with no prior relation to the Halo universe.


I agree....if it has a relation to the Halo franchise.