Spire of Miatistina

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The Spire of Miatistina on Suban.
The Spire of Miatistina.

The Spire of Miatistina is a foremost Sangheili cultural site, located on Suban - one of two moons of the Sangheili homeworld Sanghelios.[1]


The Spire of Miatistina was constructed by the Sangheili during The Former Age, prior to the foundation of the Covenant empire in 852 BCE. The Spire has long-served as a clandestine reminder of the Sangheili's pre-Covenant faith, with the site fabled to serve as a confluence point between the wills of the ancient gods and the celestial namesakes Urs, Fied and Joori. The original Writ of Union was at some point amended with a clause to allow select orthodox lacuna monks and Ascetic priests to observe their ancient practices in the Spire of Miatistina, though these agreements were rarely honoured.[1]

The fall of the Covenant has seen the Spire given a new purpose and resurgence of activity, as the once-reduced orders which called the temple home have begun to re-emerge and revive their traditions.[1]