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Production overview


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"The AKIS helmet and associated components were highly classified, leading some operatives to question its very existence."
— Official description[1]

AKIS is a UNSC helmet, compatible with MJOLNIR Mark V and Rakshasa platforms.[2]

GEN1 Overview[edit]

Design details[edit]

The armor set includes at least a helmet and a chest piece. Its helmet is quite blocky in shape, with the top and each of the sides being mostly flat. Its visor features a horizontal strip at the user's eye line which is set slightly deeper than the rest, leading to two parallel ridges in the glass. Two armored strips adorn the sides of the helmet, running along the sides of the helmet at the bottom of the visor, but stopping just before they meet, creating a 'V' shape by the user's mouth. There is a cylindrical protrusion on either side of the helmet made of grey metal, just behind where the wearer's ears would be located.

When the CBRN module is equipped, some form of breathing equipment is placed in front of the user's mouth, and some new armored plating obscures the lower part of the visor, up to around where the user's nose would be. Meanwhile, the GRD attachment replaces the traditional visor with a grey metal plate set into the helmet, and adds a large circular lens-like apparatus in front of the wearer's right eye.

Development history[edit]

The AKIS helmet was developed to employ a wide arrange of targeting and surveillance features to maximise range-finding capabilities for both groundside operatives and aircraft such as the F-99 Wombat and S-14 Baselard, among others. The helmet was developed parallel to several modular attachments including a specialised CBRN module for operations in noxious or irradiated areas, and the P237-THEIATEK optical suite, which integrates with aerial reconnaissance platforms to provide the user with reliable intelligence from UAV and satellite imagery. These provide significant tactical advantages over the base helmet.[1]

AKIS and its associated components were highly classified, leading some operatives to doubt that it existed at all.[1]


AKIS is usable with the [GEN1] Mark V platform. It supports the CBRN and GRD attachments.[2]

Rakshasa Overview[edit]

Design details[edit]

The AKIS II-GRD was built for superhuman stalkers, killers, and assassins. After some detuning and removal of still-classified subsystems it serves the needs of Spartans as well.[3]

Development history[edit]

The AKIS II-GRD was manufactured by Watershed Division.

In-game information[edit]

Halo: Reach - Mark V[edit]

AKIS and its various permutations are unlockable in Series 5: Anvil of Halo: The Master Chief Collection.[4]

Attachment(s) Description Unlock requirements (Halo: Reach) Unlock requirements (Halo: MCC)
HR AKIS Helmet Icon.png
The AKIS helmet and associated components were highly classified, leading some operatives to question its very existence. N/A (Cut) Series 5 Tier 1, Spartan Point 1
HR AKIS GRD Helmet Icon.png
Project SCLERA's exclusive P237-THEIATEK optical suite. N/A (Cut) Series 5 Tier 60, Spartan Point 1
HR AKIS CBRN Helmet Icon.png
For operations in hazardous zones. N/A (Cut) Series 5 Tier 30, Spartan Point 1
HR AKIS GRDCBRN Helmet Icon.png
Project SCLERA's exclusive P237-THEIATEK optical suite; for operations in hazardous zones. N/A (Cut) Series 5 Tier 100, Spartan Point 1

Halo Infinite - Rakshasa[edit]

AKIS returned, albeit heavily redesigned, in Season 02: Lone Wolves for Halo Infinite. In Halo Infinite, the AKIS helmet has been rebranded as the AKIS II-GRD, and is exclusively available for the Rakshasa armor core.

Helmet Manufacturer Lore Rarity Unlock Requirements
Menu icon for AKIS II GRD Helmet
Watershed Division The AKIS II-GRD was built for superhuman stalkers, killers, and assassins. After some detuning and removal of still-classified subsystems it serves the needs of Spartans as well. Epic Season 02: Lone Wolves Battle Pass Level 63 (Premium)
Menu icon for LANTIFRID helmet attachment
Watershed Division Most of the functionality of this THEIA-compatible targeting module remains locked and undocumented, even the highest-ranking ONI officers on the UNSC Infinity lack authority to access its low-level diagnostic functions. Legendary Season 02: Lone Wolves Battle Pass Level 69 (Premium)

Production notes[edit]

A comparison of the Defiant Map Pack trailer (2011) version of AKIS and the version implemented in MCC. Rightmost screenshot cropped from Greenskull's tweet here.
A comparison of AKIS, as it appeared in the Defiant Map Pack screenshots in 2011 (left), and a recreation of the same image in The Master Chief Collection (right).

AKIS first appeared in promotional material for Halo: Reach's Defiant Map Pack in 2011, where it was worn by a player in three screenshots of the map Condemned. The player wore it, with the CBRN and GRD attachments, in combination with the EXO/TSCS chest piece.[5][6] In the absence of an official name, the Halo community took to calling the helmet "GRD",[7] a nickname that stuck and eventually became the official name for one of the helmet's attachments.[2]

A lack of official communication about or acknowledgement of the helmet from Bungie or 343 Industries led to a great deal of speculation about how it might be released, with some even suggesting that it could already be unlocked through some esoteric method.[7] Eventually, these rumours were proven false when, on February 11th, 2012, 343 Industries employee David Ellis confirmed that 343 had intended to release it alongside the Anniversary Map Pack, but that it had been cut due to time and resource constraints.[8] Ultimately, neither the AKIS helmet nor the EXO/TSCS chest piece were ever released for Reach on the Xbox 360.

The Spartan dolls Easter egg in the Anniversary Map Pack features dolls of Spartans wearing the same armor configuration as the player in the Defiant Map Pack screenshots, including the AKIS helmet. This was a deliberate acknowledgement of the armor on 343 Industries' part.[8] This doll object was later made available as a placeable object in Halo 5: Guardians' Forge mode, in which it is known as the "5th Spartan" doll.[9]

In 2019, it was announced that Halo: Reach would be added to Halo: The Master Chief Collection, and that The Master Chief Collection would be ported to PC, with Reach being the first of the games in the collection to release on the platform.[10] This brought with it renewed interest in the unreleased helmet, with many requesting that it be included in the game's re-release.[11][12][13] 343 Industries would officially address these requests in a development update in July of that year, saying that they "[were] currently investigating it but [could not] commit to it being in the game at [that] time" and also noting that they were interested in expanding the pool of customization items in each game, potentially even including new armor.[14]

Later the same year, a modder by the name of Gamecheat13 discovered customization renders for two cut armor sets in the game files of the second Halo Insider flight (dubbed the "FireFlight") of Halo: The Master Chief Collection's PC port of Halo: Reach,[15] and also unearthed the internal codenames for both sets: spartan_dlc_condemned and spartan_dlc_preserve.[16] The spartan_dlc_preserve set featured the AKIS helmet paired with an unidentified chest piece, while the spartan_dlc_condemned set included the EXO/TSCS chest piece with the Mariner helmet.

Eventually, in September 2020, it was confirmed in an MCC Development Update that these two armor sets would be making their way into Halo: The Master Chief Collection as part of Series 4: Reclaimer. This update also revealed the final name for the so-called "GRD" helmet: AKIS.[2] However, due to issues in development, these armor sets did not meet a high enough quality standard to be included in the game as of Season 4's launch,[17] and so AKIS and Mariner were pushed back to Series 5: Anvil.[4]


Halo: Reach[edit]

Halo 5: Guardians[edit]

Halo: The Master Chief Collection[edit]

Halo Infinite[edit]

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