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The moons of Reach, Turul and Csodaszarvas

Turul[1] is the smaller of the two natural satellites of the human colony world, Reach in the Epsilon Eridani system, the larger one being Csodaszarvas. Turul appears to have a barren, cratered surface, and is barely symmetrical. The moon was captured into Reach's orbit fairly recently, approximately 70–80 thousand years ago. Thus, Turul was not in Reach's orbit when the Forerunners inhabited the planet.[2]

During the Fall of Reach, Ensign William Lovell on the UNSC Pillar of Autumn noticed heavy EM activity bouncing off of Turul. Unbeknownst to Lovell, the readings were actually a result of engagements occurring on the other side of the planet; the crew of Pillar of Autumn were kept ignorant of the Covenant's invasion.[3] During the battle, a Forerunner artifact was recovered from Epsilon Eridani's Oort cloud.[4] The object was moved to a space station in orbit over Turul. On August 14, 2552, after the destruction of Long Night of Solace, the remnants of the Fleet of Valiant Prudence attacked a UNSC picket fleet near Turul in a last-ditch effort to claim the Forerunner artifact for themselves.[5]


  • The moon is named after Turul, the most important mythological bird in the origin myth of the Hungarian people.
  • Lee Wilson jokingly commented the following about Jorge-052: "I believe Jorge was born under a rising Turul which often made him grumpy on Mondays... ".[2]

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