Scenario Four: Run!

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Scenario Four: Run!
HFB ScenarioFour Map.jpg

The scenario map for this mission.


Halo: Fleet Battles


Epsilon Eridani system


  • UNSC: Defend the flagship so it can escape
  • Covenant: Board and destroy the UNSC flagship

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Dr. Daniels was a xeno-archaeologist, not an intelligence officer; but it was obvious that the object hastily removed from Site 17 was extremely valuable. The Covenant fleet had detached a significant portion of its fleet to recover it, and now Daniels and his fellow scientists could only trust in Admiral Stanforth's plan to lure the pursuing enemy into a trap near Reach.

Scenario Four: Run! is the fourth scenario mission of the campaign of Halo: Fleet Battles.


The Fleet of Valiant Prudence is enraged at the desecration of Site 17's Forerunner reliquary, and Supreme Commander 'Barutamee has ordered his reconnaissance elements to retrieve the stolen relic and avenge the human's insult. UNSC forces must escape the implacable Covenant forces and avoid taking losses that will ultimately weaken Reach's defences.
  • The Battlefield: 4' x 4'
  • Covenant Deployment Zone: 12" x 8"
  • UNSC Deployment: 12" x 8"


Terrain is placed as shown on the Scenario Map.


Both players roll their 5 Order Dice, the player with the higher number of Command Icons can choose to deploy first or second. Elements deployed must be placed inside the designated Deployment Zones. Players will alternate deployment, and any Wings created by a Battle Group are deployed within 8" of any Element from its parent Battle Group.


There is no Maximum Turn Limit attached to this Scenario. The Game is played until either the FLAGSHIP of the UNSC is Destroyed or it exits the Battlefield. If the FLAGSHIP escapes the UNSC win, if it is Destroyed, the Covenant win.


  • The Covenant will score 1 Victory Point for every BR of UNSC Elements Destroyed.
  • The Covenant will score 4 Victory Points if they can successfully board the UNSC FLAGSHIP and Destroy it via boarding (Damage to Destroy it must come from succesful Boarding Actions rather than Weapons fire). This would include Damage as a result of a Critical Core Breach in the End Phase.
  • The UNSC will score 1 Victory Point for every BR of Covenant Elements Destroyed.
  • The UNSC will score 4 Victory Points if they can move their FLAGSHIP off the Battlefield via the cyan base edge.


We suggest players use the following Reach Campaign Optional Rule: Battle Damage, Dominance.


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