Scenario One: Flight!

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Scenario Two: Contact

Scenario One: Flight!
HFB ScenarioOne Map.jpg

The scenario map for this mission.


Halo: Fleet Battles


Beta Eridani system


  • UNSC: Escape the Covenant fleet
  • Covenant: Destroy all UNSC ships

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Lieutenant Robinson frowned at the tactical display. There was no mistaking it: ten Covenant ships were quickly approaching. At another place and time this might have been an even fight, but with the ships crewed by raw recruits there was only one option: RUN!

Scenario One: Flight! is the first scenario in the campaign of Halo: Fleet Battles.


While lecture rooms and simulators can achieve a great deal, the UNSC Navy makes sure its cadets are also properly drilled on working warships. Cadets at the Beta Eridani Naval Training Range took ships through the paces and familiarized themselves with day-to-day tasks before final assignment, unaware that the Covenant was being drawn to the system by an artefact right beneath their nose.
  • The Battlefield: 4' x 3'
  • Covenant Deployment Zone: 24" x 10" as per the Scenario Map.
  • UNSC Deployment: 6" x 6" square as per the Scenario Map and 6" away from the top edge.


Terrain is placed as shown on the Scenario Map.


The Covenant is the Attacker, and automatically gains the initiative in the first Turn.


The UNSC deploys as per the the diagram inside the 6" blue square on the Battlefield Map. Elements must be facing directly away from the Covenant. The Covenant then deploys into their deployment zone in any manner the Covenant player deems best.


  • The Covenant will score 1 Victory Point for every BR of UNSC Elements Destroyed.
  • The UNSC will score 1 Victory Point for every BR of UNSC Elements that exit the board safely on either flank (marked with blue lines on the Scenario Map).
  • The Victory Point Target for this Scenario is 4.
  • If any UNSC Element makes contact with a non-flank board edge, it is removed from play and Victory Points are awarded to the Covenant player as if it was Destroyed.
  • UNSC Player Note: Remember this is a Training Exercise, and your orders are to escape! Engagement with the Covenant is allowed, but escape is the priority.
  • Covenant Player Note: Your only chance of victory is to Destroy the enemy.
  • Players should ensure their Battle Groups maintain in Coherency at all times.


  • UNSC Battle Group 2: 75pts
    • 3x Paris Class Frigate Elements - Line Formation 75 Pts

Production note[edit]

Battlegroup 2 for the UNSC fleet in this mission lists the Paris-class frigates as being in the Line Formation. This is a Covenant tactical formation utilized by SDV-class corvettes.

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