Scenario Six: Left Jab

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Scenario Six: Left Jab
HFB ScenarioSix Map.jpg

The scenario map for this mission.


Halo: Fleet Battles


Epsilon Eridani system


  • UNSC: Destroy the Covenant flagship
  • Covenant: Destroy the UNSC flagship

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Supreme Commander Rho 'Barutamee unconsciously clenched his fist as he reviewed the intelligence report. Human forces were probing his defences from every side, intent on finding some vulnerability to exploit. Under normal circumstances he would ignore their taunts, but it was clear this world was far more important to the humans than he had originally realized. In addition, a massive Ministry of Resolution fleet was on its way, and his artefact teams were bogged down on the surface. For the first time in decades, Rho tasted fear. If the fleet couldn't locate something of value soon, he would be forced to either evacuate and abandon many of his Zealots, or face interrogation by the Hierarchs for his impudence and apparent ineptitude.

Scenario Six: Left Jab is the sixth mission in the campaign of Halo: Fleet Battles.


The UNSC has concocted an audacious plan - Operation: UPPER CUT - to destroy the Long Night of Solace by seizing a Covenant Corvette, the Ardent Prayer, and using it to carry a sabotaged slipspace drive core near the supercarrier - detonating it close enough that the resulting rupture would cripple or destroy the massive vessel. Operation: LEFT JAB is a supporting mission to distract the Covenant, coordinated with the UNSC Savannah while it supported Noble Team's seizure of the Ardent Prayer.
  • The Battlefield: 4' x 4'
  • Covenant Deployment Zone: 48" x 8" as per the Scenario Map.
  • UNSC Deployment Zone: 48" x 8" as per the Scenario Map.


Terrain is placed on the Scenario Map.


Both players roll their 5 Order Dice, the player with the higher number of Command Icons can choose to deploy first or second. Elements deployed must be placed inside the designated Deployment Zones. Players will alternate deployment, and any Wings created by a Battle Group are deployed within 8" of any Element from its parent Battle Group.


The Maximum Turn Limit of this Scenario is 8 Turns with the player scoring the highest being the winner.


  • The Covenant will score 1 Victroy Point for every BR of UNSC Elements Destroyed.
  • The Covenant will score 3 Victory Points for Destroying the UNSC FLAGSHIP.
  • The UNSC will score 1 Victory Point for every BR of Covenant Elements Destroyed.
  • The UNSC will score 3 Victory Points for Destroying the Covenant FLAGSHIP.


Both sides need to score 10 Victory Points.


We suggest players use the following Reach Campaign Optional Rules: Battle Damage, Dominance and Reinforcements.


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