Scenario Three: Evacuate

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Scenario Three: Evacuate
HFB ScenarioThree Map.jpg

The scenario map for this mission.


Halo: Fleet Battles


Epsilon Eridani system


  • UNSC: Keep the Covenant away from the asteroid field
  • Covenant: Capture the asteroid field

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Teller Station's crew was exhausted. For years they had carefully stripped away layers of strange metals and bypassed deadly defences to uncover secrets laying hidden beneath this planetoid, and now the scientists were ordered to condense an extensive and long-planned retrieval operation into barely a fortnight.

Scenario Three: Evacuate is the third mission in the campaign of Halo: Fleet Battles.


The Office of Naval Intelligence was involved in the unearthing and study of several Forerunner artefact sites in the Epsilon Eridanus system. One of the most promising locations was Site 17, located inside a nondescript planetesimal in the system's Oort cloud. Atop it was Teller Station, a research laboratory dedicated to unearthing its lost secrets. With the declaration of Winter Contingency on Reach, the facilities' defences prepared to withdraw and abandon the station after one last dig. Unfortunately, their frantic efforts awoke senescent Forerunner systems, betraying the site's location to the Fleet of Valiant Prudence.
  • The Battlefield: 4' x 4'
  • Covenant Deployment Zone: 48" x 6" as per the Scenario Map.
  • UNSC Deployment: 48" x 12" as per the Scenario Map.


Terrain is placed as shown on the Scenario Map.


Both players roll their 5 Order Dice, the player with the higher number of Command Icons can choose to deploy first or second. Elements Deployed must be placed inside the designated Deployment Zones. In the event of a draw, re-roll until a winner is determined. Players with alternate deployment, and any Wings created by a Battle Group are deployed within 8" of any Element from its parent Battle Group.


The Maximum Turn Limit of this Scenario is 6 Turns with the player scoring highest being the winner.


  • The Covenant will score 1 Victory Point for every BR of UNSC Elements Destroyed.
  • The Covenant will score 1 Victory Point for every Battle Group with an Element with 6" of the Asteroid Field in the UNSC Deployment Zone - this is scored in the End Phase of EVERY turn.
  • The UNSC will score 1 Victory Point for every BR of Covenant Elements Destroyed.
  • The UNSC will score 1 Victory Point in the End Phase of EVERY Turn when there is NO Covenant Element within 6" of the Asteroid Field in the UNSC Deployment Zone.


We suggest players use the following Reach Campaign Optional Rule: Dominance.


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