Scenario Seven: Finishing Blow

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Scenario Seven: Finishing Blow
HFB ScenarioSeven Map.jpg

The scenario map for this mission.


Halo: Fleet Battles


Epsilon Eridani system


  • UNSC: Destroy the Covenant capital ships
  • Covenant: Destroy the UNSC fleet

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The order was short and simple, but a spontaneous cheer erupted on the bridge as the fusion drives flared. The UNSC was finally taking the fight to the enemy.

Scenario Seven: Finishing Blow is the seventh mission in the campaign of Halo: Fleet Battles.


With the Fleet of Valiant Prudence stretched thin, the Long Night of Solace appeared open for a direct attack. Distracted by Operation: LEFT HOOK[sic], Rho 'Barutamee's forces were out of position when a Navy task force pounced on a cut-off Covenant scout fleet.
  • The Battlefield: 4' x 4'
  • Covenant Deployment Zone: 12" x 12" as per the Scenario Map.
  • UNSC Deployment Zone: 24" x 8" as per the Scenario Map.


Terrain is placed as shown on the Scenario Map.


Both players roll their 5 Order Dice, the player with the higher number of Command Icons can choose to deploy first or second. All Elements deployed must be placed inside the designated Deployment Zones. In the event of a draw, re-roll until a winner is determined. Players will alternate deployment, and any Wings created by a Battle Group are deployed within 8" of any Element from its parent Battle Group.


The Maximum Turn Limit of this Scenario is 8 Turns with the player scoring highest being the winner.


  • The Covenant will score 1 Victory Point for every BR of UNSC Elements Destroyed.
  • The UNSC will score 1 Victory Point for every BR of Covenant Elements Destroyed.
  • The UNSC will score an additional 1 Victory Point for every Covenant Capital Element Destroyed.


We suggest players use the following Reach Campaign Optional Rules: Battle Damage, Dominance and Reinforcements.


Production note[edit]

In the flavor text for this mission, Operation: LEFT JAB is mistakenly referred to as Operation: LEFT HOOK.

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Scenario Seven: Finishing Blow
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